Tuesday, March 1, 2016

User custom fields from the directory coming to the Google Contact Manager

Update: This feature is now live on a gradual rollout. Please allow 3 or more days for feature visibility.

Today, Google Apps administrators use custom fields in the domain directory to store information like Projects, Teams, Languages, and whatever else their organization needs. Showing these fields to users within the Google Contacts user interface has been a popular feature request for many domain administrators, because having this information accessible helps users connect more easily.

In the coming weeks, the Contact Manager at contacts.google.com will now show user custom fields from the domain directory. User custom fields will respect the permissions that the domain administrator has set.

  • If you have user custom fields which you’ve set as only visible to administrators and users, this field will only be visible in the Contact Manager to the specified users.
  •  If you have fields which are visible to anyone at the domain, then these fields will now be shown in the Contact Manager to users within the domain.
In the profile above, Profession, Active Projects, and Languages were stored in the "TeamInfo" schema.

If you’d like to start using user custom fields, the Directory API is already available in Python, Go, Java, Apps Script, PHP, and more, giving administrators flexibility over what fields to add for users. To control whether fields are shown to all domain users or just specified users, use the readAccessType property.

If you’ve already added user custom fields, in the coming weeks, any user-visible custom fields that Google Apps administrators have added through APIs will now be visible to users as custom fields in the Contact Manager at contacts.google.com. To update the schema, use the Directory API.

  • Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook users will not see custom fields in the Global Address List.
  • Custom fields are not yet supported in the new Google Contacts preview.

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Launching to both Rapid release and Scheduled release on March 31, 2016.

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Gradual rollout (1-3 days for feature visibility).

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