Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New Google Sheets enterprise data integrations with BigQuery and SAP

We're introducing two new Google Sheets integrations to make it easier to analyze your data. We’re opening a Beta program for a data connector that dynamically connects Sheets with BigQuery. We’re also announcing the general availability of an integration with SAP ERP that enables teams to seamlessly pull their business data into Sheets.

We hope that these features will make powerful business data more accessible through Sheets’ familiar, intelligent, and collaborative interface. By freeing data from large databases that need analytical experts to query it or from specialized software that not everyone has access to, we can help you get more insight into your business and make better, data-driven decisions.

Easier and better big data collaboration with Sheets and BigQuery integration Beta 

BigQuery can provide powerful analysis of multiple data sets, but needs specialized skills and knowledge which can make collaborating on data difficult. Sheets provides familiar spreadsheet tools that can help whole teams collaborate and make better data-driven decisions.

Users in the Beta will be able to create a BigQuery query, get a preview, and insert the results into Sheets without leaving the Sheets interface. The data can then be refreshed from within the Sheets interface. Teams can use this to:
  • Streamline reporting and dashboard workflows. Have a single source of truth for big data insights without exports that can get out of date and cause errors. 
  • Democratize analysis. The Sheets interface can bring data to wider, less technical teams with a familiar spreadsheet interface and tools like “Explore” and macro recorder. 
  • Increase collaboration. Sheets makes it easy for teams to comment, discuss, and share insights as they analyze and use the data. 

For example, an analyst could set up a query that analyzes data from several datasets in BigQuery. The data from that would then be accessible in Sheets, where the business team could get the latest data, ask questions in plain English, and add comments ahead of finalizing their quarterly reports. What’s more, with parameterized queries, a single analyst could set up a query in Sheets so that dozens of different sales teams could get different results depending on their regional needs—all without requiring the salesperson to know any SQL.

Apply to join the Beta for the BigQuery and Sheets connectors

Sheets and BigQuery users can apply to join the Beta program for this feature. Admins can see more details, review the eligibility requirements, and apply for their domains to join at gsuite.google.com/bq-sheets.

Discover additional insights from SAP ERP with new integration 

The integration between Sheets and SAP that we announced in June has now launched. You can now export data directly from SAP GUI and SAP ECC 6.0 to Sheets and analyze that data with tools like charts, pivot tables, and Explore. With this new integration, you can skip manually exporting data to CSVs and uploading them to Drive. This can help you:
  • Use the Sheets “Explore” feature to find new insights from data in SAP. 
  • Easily analyze and create data visualizations. 
  • Collaborate with a single source of truth. 

Find out more about how to integrate Sheets and SAP.

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