Friday, August 11, 2023

Set Context Aware Access policies for 1P & 3P applications to access Workspace APIs

What’s changing 

Admins can now use context-aware access to block users' access to Workspace Applications via other Google (1st party) & non Google (3rd party) applications. With context-aware access, you can set different access levels to Workspace applications based on a user’s identity and the context of the request (location, device security status, IP address). 

Why it’s important 

Context aware access for APIs will enable customer admins to extend existing user/device CAA context access controls to end users attempting to access Google Workspace Applications via other Google & Non Google applications. Extending these policies to APIs that request Google Workspace core data gives admins another layer of control and security and helps protect against data exfiltration. 

Getting started 

Rollout pace 

  • This feature is available now.


  • Available to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, Education Plus, and Cloud Identity Premium customers