Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Google Fusion Tables to be shut down on December 3, 2019

Google Fusion Tables was launched almost nine years ago as a research project in Google Labs, later evolving into an experimental product. For a long time, it was one of the few free tools for easily visualizing large datasets, especially on a map. Since then, Google has developed several alternatives, providing deeper experiences in more specialized domains.

In order to continue focusing our efforts in these areas, we will be retiring Fusion Tables. We plan to turn down Fusion Tables and the API on December 3, 2019. Embedded Fusion Tables visualizations—maps, charts, tables and cards—will also stop working that day. Maps using the Fusion Tables Layer in the Maps JavaScript API v3.37 will start to see errors in August 2019.

Here are some next steps to consider:

Learn about alternative Google tools
Several new Google tools have been developed over the years, and we encourage you to visit the Help Center to learn which ones fit your use case. Teams at Google have developed internal tools that can create powerful map visualizations. We are working to make some of these tools publicly available and will have more to share in the coming months—sign up to stay in touch. 

Download your data
You can access your tables in Google Drive by filtering by “type:table”. Download data from a table by following these instructions, and then consider migrating that data to one of the tools listed in the Help Center. If you have a lot of Fusion Tables, we will make it easy to download all your data in one step via Google Takeout starting in March 2019.

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